Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Flea Season Begins: Setting Up Shop at Hester Street Fair!!!

Went to the Hester Street fair last Saturday for lunch. It’s a cute little market with baked goods, coffee, ice cream, vintage goods, and artsy knick knacks. 

This lovely market, conveniently located a block away from my humble abode, opens up in a few weeks and guess who's going to be setting up shop this summer?!?!

Yummy bubbly tea

--> this girl!! <--

I've decided to expand my little online shop, Blue Lady Tea, and bring delicious hand blended tea to the masses (of the LES)!! As some of you know, I run Blue Lady Tea with my mother, but this being neither of our full time jobs, tea sales have not put us in the green as of yet. That is about to change my friends! Hester Street Fair is already home to some really stellar start-ups and hosts both food vendors and crafters alike. 

Some of my favorites from last year - you can never truly have enough vintage :-)

saw this dress at Hester Street Fair. I. Want. It. And basically everything else at this stand, hehehe 

These bad boys were so delicious - by the end they really did a number on my wallet :-p

Lobster Roll for lunch from the Hester street fair :-) yummmmm

I've only just begun the process of reserving my spot but I was just so excited I had to make an announcement! Now I am charged with the fun task of designing a table plan and doing a bit of marketing. We'll see how I do at that... 

When I got the news yesterday that I had been approved for the market I celebrated with a bubble tea. What could be more appropriate for a tea purveyor straddling the LES and Chinatown?

And this is what happened when I accidentally swallowed a few tapioca pearls whole.

Accidentally swallowed a tapioca whole - whoops

Don't try this at home kids!