Friday, April 18, 2014

Everything's coming up... tulips!

Was saving this one for a #rainyday… Hooray for #tulips!

Spring is here.
Allergies are upon us.

Every nook and cranny of Rock Center has blossomed overnight with tulips and the like thanks to the lovely Rockefellas. I'm taking this change in season to heart and digging deep for the courage make some changes and take some chances. I'm going for the whole inner renewal thing, and I could not be more excited!

For a long time, Easter meant tending the spring garden with my mother, an excuse to eat my weight in chocolate, and so. much. egg salad.

As I grew older, my family grew larger, and the roles changed a bit. I was the one filling the eggs with treasure and rallying the troops for the hunt on Easter morning with my grandparents.

The years flew by and all of a sudden the young'ins aren't so young anymore. No one is looking for the Easter Bunny and no one really wants their eggs smothered in dyes either, so Easter means something different yet again.

This Easter marks the first family holiday in the barn. This new house became their home the second my parents laid eyes on it one year ago. It was an uphill battle to make it their own, but someone was on their side and I can't imagine a better "fresh start" for my family. Dreams are becoming reality, little by little. The sweet, end-of-summer bonfires that will be had here. The lazy August days by the pool. The eggs, plucked from the coup-to-be that will become breakfast, and lunch and maybe even dessert. I get the sense that through this fresh start we are really just coming back to ourselves, and I for one can't wait to see what happens next!

Hello little guy!