Friday, November 1, 2013

My Grown Up Halloween

I did not buy any candy for Halloween this year.

I also didn't work very hard on my costume either (I got very lucky and found everything I needed at a rummage sale earlier in the month). I did however, attempt making caramel for the first time (pictured above). When I need a recipe for something sweet I typically start with David Lebovitz. He tells lovely stories about his life as an expat in Paris.

Caramel is tricky, and a bit dangerous if you're not careful, so I was nervous (especially since baby Taco was weaving around my feet throughout the process, and I did not want him to get accidentally spilled or stepped on).  I should not have doubted Mr. Lebovitz, though, because the recipe worked perfectly.

Not really being sure what I would use the caramel for I decided to keep it simple and just let it harden in a baking sheet instead of turning it into some sort of fancy sauce or toffee. I scattered a few crushed pecans and some chia seeds to add texture and I'm pretty happy with the result.

Instead of the typical rager one might attend for Halloween while still in college, my friends and I had a pretty tame night wandering around the east village drinking pumpkin beer :-)

The best costume I saw was a man disguised as a bush. 

And here's Dolly - 

Say hello to #DollyParton #happyhalloween

...workin' 9 to 5 oh what a way to make a living...

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