Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Where I've Gone

For the past month I have been MIA. I let my blog resolutions slide into the shadow of something big. Something really big.

* yes, that is the Ryman Auditorium - the Mother Church - on my wall *


I recently started working at a super fun Record Company at Rock Center. While it's not quite what I had planned for myself as a college freshman practicing marimba solos, I feel so lucky that I get to surround myself with like minded, creative people every day. 

That being said - this job is hard work :-p
Long hours, and lots of new skills to learn have not only absorbed most of my writing time - but my cooking dinner/house keeping time as well. Now that I've settled in a bit I want to take the time to fill y'all in on what I've been up to whilst offline. 


I mentioned the VNA Rummage sale in my last post about Gatsby but I didn't really give you the full run down. This rummage sale is epic. With a circus like tent for each "department" you could spend the full three days shopping around and still not really see it all. Most everything is dirt cheep (I once bought an electric organ for $15, and a Burberry rain coat for $20) and I feel it's money well spent considering all proceeds go to benefit the Visiting Nurses Association in Far Hills, NJ.

I brought boyfriend into the vintage tent and we played a bit of dress up! He looks so rad!

@mmchuck rocking #Levi’s - on top and bottom :-)  (at VNA Rummage Sale)

This awesome teapot was in the Kitchen department. Sadly I left it behind though, as I already have too many tea pots. I know how ridiculous that sounds considering I run a small tea business. Real estate in my LES apartment is becoming more and more scarce every day...


Recently I attended a birthday bash that will go down in history! (my history anyway...)
To kick it off, we played a game of drunken kick ball on Roosevelt Island. I fell catching the ball and skinned my knee, so now I've got a bad ass tear in my jeans. They look just like I payed for them that way. 

A #lovelyday for #kickball :-) (at Roosevelt Island)

For the Kentucky Derby portion of the party I prepared a Bourbon Pecan Pie.


Happy #Derby Day - better late then never

The party evolved in to a Cinco De Mayo fiesta and well - pictures from that point on in the night are for my eyes only. Sorry :-p


One last thing. Record Store Day!! I know it was weeks ago but I had such a great time running around that day that I have to mention it. Boyfriend and I started at J&R to make sure that we'd get all the special releases we wanted before they sold out.  Among them were:

The Avett Brothers and Randy Travis: Music From CMT Crossroads
Eric Church: Caught In The Act
Bob Dylan: Wigwam
Ra Ra Riot: Binary Mind
The XX: Jamie XX Edits

We spent some time at Generation Records on Thompson, said our goodbyes to Bleecker Bob's (where I scored a massive Johnny Cash poster), and ended the afternoon at Bleecker Street Records where I grabbed this shot. 

Of course we ran home that night to listen to all of our new music!


Looking back - I'd say I had a pretty fun month. Lots of exciting things to come as the new job progresses!

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