Monday, June 10, 2013

An Adventure in the Adirondacks

Jeff as the  #BrawnyPaperTowelMan - #camping in the #Adirondacks

This post is a long time coming (from Memorial Day Weekend) -
but I couldn't not acknowledge the coolest place I've ever camped!
As you can see, we started off great with the Brawny Paper Towel man as our driver :-)

We spent a cozy six hours crammed into the minivan watching the sun ebb in and out from behind the clouds.   As I'm sure you all remember, the forecast for Memorial Day weekend was not great, but we had our hopes up anyway. Eventually the clouds took over, and gave way to steady rainfall for the rest of the evening.

With or without the rain - Indian Lake is still a sight to behold. We grabbed a pontoon and hopped over to our little island where a warm fire and some pretty good bourbon awaited us.

#camping in the #adirondacks on #IndianLake

Once we setup camp under the canopy of trees the rain really wasn't so bad.

#camping on #indianlake

#camping on #indianlake

Day One ended with a roaring fire and some spiked pine needle tea :-) Success.


Day Two:

We woke up (still bundled from the frigid temp the night before) to Sun!! While we couldn't really call it warm, the sunshine on our faces made everyone extremely happy. We split up into two groups - one for hiking and one for fishing - and took to the pontoon to explore surrounding islands for the afternoon.

(almost) the whole gang - #camping

Lisa on the #Pontoon at #indianlake

When the sun began to set we corralled everyone back onto our own island.
Some continued to fish. All continued to drink into the night :-)

#fishing on #indianlake

Day Three:

Fish! While it definitely wouldn't feed all twelve of us, we were still impressed with the catch!

#Fish for #breakfast anyone? :-)

Monday was warm and beautiful - everything you want on the last day of a trip.

Even though we spent the morning packing in a hurry to get back to the dock for checkout, we all basked in the warmth as much as we could. Being so bundled up all weekend didn't allow for any tanning, but on Monday we all burnt real fast.

The last shot I took was from the pontoon pulling away from our little island oasis.
All I can say is that I am already mentally packing for my next trip up this summer!

Our little island on #indianlake

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