Friday, June 21, 2013


Please forgive me - as I fully intend to gush and be annoyingly happy throughout this entire post. 

Some of you know already, but I joined a CSA. Stands for Community Supported (or shared) Agriculture. Basically - I now pay for all of my veggies for a whole season up front - straight to the farmer to help with upfront production costs. And when the food is all grown up I begin picking up weekly shares :-)

Well this past Tuesday was my first pick up!!!

An array of greens I've never seen/heard of, along with some bok choy and garlic scapes...

friendly looking radishes and little baby garlics!!

Picked up my first #csa share yesterday- yummy!!

Check out these purple #greens :-) #washingtonsquarecsa

Even a little visitor! We had to let him go though. 
He's been released into the wild -aka - whatever green things are left in the pots on our balcony
Found a little friend in the boc choi from the #csa

Making dinner! #csa

Dinner consisted of sauteed bok choy with garlic scapes and oyster sauce in broth with won tons :-)

#CSA and I are going to get along just fine :-) #whatsfordinner

Can't wait to see what shows up next week!! 

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