Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Free and Easy Down The Road I Go

Even NY sleeps sometimes :-) #LES Seen in the #LES Good morning #vacation :-)  finally tackled breakfast at Shopsin’s #cleanedtheplate with @mmchuck  (at Shopsin’s General Store) #roadtrip #vacation :-) #thegardenstate (at Holland Tunnel) #workit #grillin #GoldenNuggetFlea with @mmchuck
at Golden Nugget Flea Market Seen at the #goldennuggetflea in #lambertville #NJ (at Golden Nugget Flea Market) Seen in #NewHope #PA (at New Hope, PA)at New Hope, PA at Lambertville, NJ Well hello there! (at New Hope, PA)
 at Union Square New Hope, PA

1 & 2: Good morning LES! - not for morning people
3: The remnants of a delicious pancake breakfast at Shopsin's General Store in Essex Market
4: On our way to the 'burbs
5: Jeff - Grill Master Extraordinaire
6: Golden Nugget Flea Market!
7 & 8: Some serious looking carvings and a cow without a bell
9 - 12 & 14: In and around New Hope, PA
13: How does Homemade Sunflower Honey Ice Cream sound? I'll tell you. Delicious.


And the perfect ending to my long weekend?

Coffee at Bercli Parc with the boyfriend


A lovely end to a lovely vacation - coffee with @mmchuck before work this morning  (at Berkli Parc)

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