Thursday, January 9, 2014

An Experiment: One foot in front of the other

I resolve to not make any resolutions about exercising. ever.

I'm the first one to admit that I'm not in spectacular shape. I'm not obese or anything, but I'm also not what you would call "fit".  (Can't imagine why, as I always eat my veggies and I stay hydrated with a few coffees a day and plenty of craft beer...)

A coworker friend of mine convinced me to sign up for this classivity thing with her, and it was cheap enough that I said, "what the H-E-double-hockey-sticks". Fifty dollars later I found myself sifting through a list of classes: candlelight yoga, bollywood-cardio, stretching basics, krav maga, michael jackson dance combo, muay thai, AND the list gets even better. The gist is you get to try out ten different studios in New York that would otherwise be completely unaffordable for $5 each over the course of one month.

I am loving it. Don't get me wrong, exercise definitely hurts. But you know that whole "push through the pain" thing? It's actually been working! And doing this with a friend makes it seem more like a social activity and disguises what I'm actually trying to do - get ripped. Changing it up every day also helps, as each class we take is so completely different from the next I can't get bored. I know I've only got 30 days, and I know that if I want to keep this up I'll have to develop some sort of a routine, but I like the spontaneity that I've been feeling these past two weeks and I think I will do much better if I just keep looking for new fun things to try instead of signing my life - and paycheck - away to one boring gym.

So to celebrate two weeks of physical exertion, I bought myself a cookie with lunch. Completely counter-productive, but also completely deserved. Well, I think so...

**sorry, no pictures today, my hands have been holed up in my sleeping bag coat for the past few days hiding from the vortex

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