Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Back to Basics: weekending at the barn

This past weekend was spent back at the homestead celebrating Dad's birthday and praying that the predicted storm would skip us just this once (luckily it did not live up to expectations). Mom and I worked on our tea room and I'm excited to say that Blue Lady Tea will be up and running again in no time with an even larger selection and helpful recipes, too! Dad lead us on an inaugural hike through Griggstown Preserve and Hunting Grounds - don't worry, no hunting allowed on Sundays - Jeff and I built a pretty epic fire, and I tried out the fancy built in griddle on Mom's stove with steak from this awesome farm.

A good weekend all around.






Can I put in a request to facilities and have one of these installed, please?


Also, if i was the sort of person that could afford to have a vacation cottage, this would be it:

The cats co-habitated nicely. Well, as nice as can be when you put a 6-month-old little rascal with an old man who's favorite past time is sunbathing.

Looking forward to more adventures once the remaining snow finally bids us farewell and we can take advantage of the canoe rentals down the road.

Happy Tuesday! <3

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