Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ramblings from a Receptionist

I started my morning by filtering through the usual news outlets.

I scan HuffPost headlines, read down the Yahoo homepage, and even take a stab at FT.com - all with GMA playing in the background. As a receptionist to a company that doesn't receive very many phone calls, I have ample time to surf around.

After lunch I switch channels to MSNBC and I start browsing the many blogs I frequent. All these people going on adventures, having fascinating discoveries and concocting mouthwatering new recipes to try!
How does one keep track of it all?!?!

Being sick of scribbling on post-it notes and jotting spur-of-the-moment ideas down on scrap paper to just get pushed into a pile and never seen again - I figure I might as well join the blogosphere and put my own two cents in for once.

So here I go. Ramblings from a Receptionist...

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