Monday, January 28, 2013

Winter Wonderland

This Saturday I found myself waking up at a leisurely 9:30am to snow! Lovely pure white snow! On the ground! This just added to my excitement for the day - you see - I already had plans to trek up to the Bandshell at Central Park for Winter Jam: a man-made snow-shoeing hot-cocoa-filled extravaganza!!

Gore Mountain pumped in lots of snow on top of a nice foundation that mother nature laid down over night. If you were under the age of 10, or just really eager and willing to wait in a looooong line, you could rent show shoes, cross country skis, or even try your hand at quidditch. My favorite part had to be the doggy snow zone! Not only could you watch the array of adorable pups running around with their owners but you could adopt! On the spot!

Both Mayor's Alliance and North Shore had vans on site with a plethora of dogs and cats of all sizes. One particularly sweet pup named Bear caught our attention. He gave my friend Steve a big smooch :-)

Bear really was a sweet dog. We gave him some treats but eventually had to continue on our way. It's now two days later and I keep finding myself seeking out his adoption page. If I'm not careful (and against my better judgement) I might just take him!

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