Tuesday, January 22, 2013

wake up call

The more comfortable I get at this desk job the more worried I become.

I've always aimed to work within the realm of creativity, yet as I get older I find myself becoming more and more reserved. I carry with me many of the same goals but I've become scared to even approach some of them. What began as lofty aspirations have diminished into "projects" on an ever growing to-do list that I fear I'll never get to.

I have decided to stop this spiral before it's too late. Instead of sitting here worrying about what my place in life will be I will approach things from a new angle. I will unlearn the routine that began as comfort and became crutch. I will proactively seek out new opportunities for growth and have faith that I may find myself organically.

This process will certainly take time - but I'm hoping that a jump start in spirit will guide me to a place where I can feel good about myself and my contributions.

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