Friday, February 15, 2013

A Lovely Meal

Chocolate and Flowers from my love :-) #HappyVDay

This is what i came home to yesterday :-)

Boyfriend left work early to surprise me with beautiful flowers, a clean apartment, and one of my current favorites - tea chocolate!! If you've been keeping up with my posts lately you might remember my Mate Dark Chocolate bar. I spotted these bars at the Sweet Life - a candy store on Hester street in New York's LES. They are infused with tea (awesome) and they are delicious!!

(photo from sweet life website)

Our plans last night were very simple. Valentines Day has always revolved around food for us. Our first year together, boyfriend cooked. Last year, I cooked. This year I wanted to explore our neighborhood a little bit so I picked a tiny french restaurant just a brisk walk from our apartment. It was cozy and casual and perfect. I tasted beef tartare for the first time and had pork tenderloin with brussels sprouts that were loaded with flavor. At the end of the meal we were given lollipops - also tasty - and we couldn't help but feel nostalgic and childish as we walked home.

Souvenir from dinner last night - Lollipops!!

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