Friday, February 8, 2013

Would you come out tonight?

So. Blizzard Nemo is setting in.
The bridge and tunnel crowd is running for the hills.
Supposedly the snow is piling up... somewhere.

Here in midtown there is a seemingly endless supply of wind and slush. The watery mixture falling from the sky is putting a damper on my snow day. I'd much rather a pretty white dusting than all this mess. Albeit I am stuck at work, but no one else seems to be so it's as if I've got the place to myself - stress free. 

I brought some snacks with me to work today because I had a funny feeling that my lunch coverage would be staying home. I've been picking away at this chocolate bar for awhile, savoring a little bit every night. I figured I might as well enjoy the rest of it today. I found this dark chocolate bar infused with yerba mate (an herbal tea) and bits of raw cacao at The Sweet Life - a small boutique candy shop by my apartment in the LES. It went really well with the sherry I had as a night cap yesterday. 

Boyfriend and I bought a bottle of Harveys Bristol Cream (a spanish sherry that's imported to and bottled in Bristol, England) and we cracked it open last night after dinner. We had first tried it over ice at a wedding last summer and loved it but then soon forgot about it. It wasn't until Food and Wine Mag's recent article exclusively on the growing popularity of Sherry that I recalled Harveys and immediately craved a glass. 

Since tonight will be a slushy mess I'll probably wind up staying in. Drinking sherry :-)

Will you be brave enough to step out in the storm?

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