Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Cure All

While everyone was out watching the Super Bowl on Sunday night and having a grand ole time - I was lying on my couch, half delirious, sneezing and couching my way through You've Got Mail (my go-to sick movie).

It has not been a fun past few days.

The irony of having a cold that I probably contracted at the doctor's office while in for a physical that I had been skillfully avoiding for months is unbearable. I've been sitting at work with the tissues glued to my hand. If I'm not sneezing I'm basically crying and getting mascara everywhere. It's a mess.

Last night I decided to try a Hot Toddy.

My mom swears by them - she even makes them with tea sometimes instead of just hot water - but something about drinking bourbon while I'm already dehydrated seemed off.

I gave it a try anyway.

Boy was she right.

Hot water + honey + a shot of bourbon + a squeeze of lemon = HEAVEN!!

Not that it cured me or anything (because I'm still not quite 100% cold-free), but it sure did make me feel good last night. I will definitely be making more this evening!

I'm officially a believer in the Hot Toddy.

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