Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Blast from the Past (part 1)

My mother and I are die-hard thrifters. We've been volunteers at the bi-annual rummage sale in Far Hills, NJ since a friend of mine tipped us off eight years ago. This past fall we sort of hit the jackpot when a collection of antique slipper chairs were dropped off. Of course we had to have them so we put our names in the volunteer lottery and got to buy them before the sale even began :-)

I spent the day with my mother on Sunday and we decided it was a good a day as any to tackle one of our million projects. We've been wanting to try our hand at reupholstering lately so we decided to take apart one of our slipper chairs from the rummage sale.

The frame was in pretty great condition - just a few nicks and scratches - nothing a new varnish won't fix. The cushion was quite lumpy and falling apart but I couldn't help pausing once in awhile to admiring the fabric. I knew we needed to strip it, I'm just always fond of florals.

So we stripped...

and stripped...

and stripped...

and this is what was left!

Now the hard part  :-)

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