Friday, March 1, 2013

Be Good or Be Gone

I've lived in New York for six years now. I've heard the stories, purchased their bottles, even walked past a few times - but somehow I never managed to actually go to McSorley's Old Ale House. Until this week!

Wednesday night out at #McSorleys

On a random Wednesday night out with friends in the east village, we had this universal realization that all but one of us had never set foot inside this beloved landmark. We figured - why not go now? After being seated in the back room our friend most familiar with the establishment immediately ordered:

"ten lights and ten darks! That should do it." 

It wasn't long before our waiter came back, mugs in hand, and dropped all 20 down on the table at once. I have to say it was pretty impressive. We all vied to see who could pick up the most and we struggled to fit even five in each hand. Steve (our guide of sorts) then expounded on the long and colorful history of the place. I'm very glad to be around on this side of 1970, or I wouldn't have gotten in!

It's really a charming place and I plan on going back again. And again and again!

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