Monday, March 25, 2013

Tea Nerd Moment

Awesome copper #teapot at the #harney&sons table - #coffee and #tea #festival #nyc

This past weekend marked the 8th (2nd for me) annual Coffee and Tea Festival NYC, thousands of square feet of tables filled with special brews for your tasting pleasure. I sipped and sampled for hours until all the caffeine finally hit me and I bolted for some food :-) I did however pickup a few great blends before jitters set in. This years shindig was held at the 69th Regiment Armory, a national historic landmark that still houses the US 69th Infantry Regiment and hosts special events in it's spare time.

Reflections in Tea by Michele Brody at #Coffee and #Tea #Festival #NYC - an #art installation

One of the more interesting vendors (if you can call it that) was Michele Brody's Reflections In Tea, a sort of  ongoing performance art piece where volunteers sit down for a cup of tea and a chat inside Michele's lovely house/cabin sculpture assembled with copper pipes and stained tea-bags. 

image courtesy of at the Brenda Taylor Gallery NY, NY

These chats organically evolve into a discussion about a moment in each volunteer's life in which tea plays a role. The resulting story is then immortalized on a tea bag and absorbed into the ever growing art piece. 


What goes best with tea? Honey of course! 

And what do you do with all the left over bees wax?

Mind your own #beeswax :-p / at #coffee and #tea #festival #nyc

Make adorable bunnies and honey bear shaped candles!!! I took a few home for myself!

Lasty, I'll briefly mention the gift bag/totes we got upon arrival. 

#Free goodies from the gift #tote at the New York #CoffeeandTeaFestival - cookies, a #kindbar and flavored agave travel packs

I was really looking forward to these. They come filled with plenty of samples, just in case you didn't get your fill throughout the day, as well as yummy snacks! Short bread cookies, delicious KIND Fruit and Nut bars, and these awesome boxes full of single serving flavored agave packets - perfect for traveling or keeping in my desk at work :-) 

It was a fun day hanging with Mom - my tea partner in crime! 
Maybe next year I'll even sign up to be a vendor, who knows. 

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